Boarding Your Horse At Diamond H Ranch

The first step in deciding where to find a boarding stable for your horse is to decide what you need.


young woman with horse in stallDoes your horse require stabling or can it live out on pasture with a run-in shelter? Does it need any special care or feeding. And what do you need to enjoy your horse? Would you like access to trails, rings for flat work, equipment for jumping or gaming?

Each horse at Diamond H has a stall and individual turnout paddocks. The highest quality Timothy hay from Ellensburg, Wa. is fed twice daily and supplemented with rolled barley and alfalfa based pellets. Stalls are cleaned and rebedded daily with recycled newspaper. Waste bedding and manure is trucked to the Valley, composted and used by the local growers.

Our mid-sized stables offer the social opportunities amongst horse people but also there can be many times during the day where the stables are peaceful and quiet.  Our hours of operation allow for horse owners to maximize the time they can spend with their horse