Taking Lessons At Diamond H Ranch

Diamond H Ranch offers serious lesson programs for riders of all abilities. Riding lessons develop skill sets for handling and riding horses. The skills learned in Equestrian Schoolthese lessons will prove useful for a lifetime. Beginning riders are taught by owner Linda McQueary in a group lesson format on suitable horses. In about eight lessons the average beginner rider should be able to demonstrate the basic horsehandling skills as well as ride at a walk, trot and a limited amount of canter. Safety is emphasized in both horse handling and riding techniques.

Learning to ride..The horse handling skills a beginner rider will learn include how to put a halter or bridle on the horses head, how to safely lead the horse from the stall to the aisle and how to put the saddle on. The beginner rider will learn how to get the horse to lift his hooves and check each hoof or dirt and stones. With some assistance the beginner rider should be able to put on the saddle pad, saddle, make adjustments to the saddle, and tighten the girth.

Learning the horse riding skills is the fun part. The beginning rider will learn how to mount and dismount as well as hold the reins properly and how to get the horse to perform the different gaits walk, trot and canter. The beginning rider will learn the basics of body position upon the horse.

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